General Settings

1. Click “Settings” #

Click "Settings"

2. Click “General Settings” #

Click "General Settings"

3. General settings page overview #

On this page, you can customize your account settings by selecting your preferred Time Zone, Currency, Currency Position, Number Format, and Date Format.

Your Time Zone setting determines the local time zone of your location.

Your Currency setting is used to define the type of money you use, which is specific to your country.

You can also customize your Number Format, choosing whether or not to display cents in your account balance and financial transactions.

You can select your preferred Date Format for displaying dates in your account, allowing you to choose a format that matches your preference and is most convenient for you.

You can enable several different features to enhance your appointment booking process. These features include:

Online and Offline Payments: Enabling payment options allows you to collect payments for

your meetings. Customers can pay as an entry fee or pay offline, depending on your preferences.

Ratings: Enabling ratings allows your customers to rate the quality of your meetings, giving you valuable feedback on your performance.

Group Booking: Enabling group bookings allows multiple people to book the same time slots, making it easier for teams or groups to schedule meetings. You can set a minimum and maximum number of people per booking, with a maximum limit of up to 20.

General settings page overview

4. Click “Save Changes” when you are done. #

Click "Save Changes" when you are done.

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