Creating a Service Category

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A “Service Category” refers to a broad grouping of related services, while a “Service” refers to a specific offering within that category. For example, let’s say that you have a Service Category for “Personal Fitness”. Within this Service Category, there could be several individual Services such as “Personal Training,” “Yoga Classes,” and “Pilates Classes.” Each of these individual services would be considered a Service within the broader Service Category “Personal Fitness”.

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3. Service Categories overview #

Under the “Service Categories” section.

A “Service Category” is a broad grouping of related services that share a common theme or purpose.

Service Categories are used to help customers find and browse the different services available on the booking page.

For example, some examples of “Service Categories” might include “Beauty & Spa,” “Home Cleaning,” “Tutoring & Education,” “Pet Care,” and “Event Planning.” Each of these categories would contain a variety of individual services that fall under the broader umbrella of that category.

Service Categories overview

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5. How to create a Service Category #

You can name your Service Category.

When you create a Service Category, you can choose the order in which it appears on the booking page. You can assign a number to your service to determine its position, with a lower number indicating that the service should appear higher up on the page. For example, if you give a service the number 1, it will be displayed at the very top of the page.

If you want multiple services to appear in the same position, you can assign them the same number. For instance, if you assign the number 2 to two different services in different categories, they will both appear in the second position on their respective category within the booking page.

Moreover, you can choose to hide or display the service category on the BOOKM booking page by clicking the tick box. This can be useful if you want to temporarily remove a service category without having to delete it, or if you want to control which categories are visible to customers.

How to create a Service Category

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Click "Save" when you are done

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